Keywords research

Often overlooked but very important. Choosing appropriate keywords can make the difference between a successful campaign and a failure. Several factors are involved: competition (sites ranking good for those keywords), targeted audience (keywords should tell the visitors exactly what they will find on the website, should be appropriate to your specific branch, so that visitors coming are potential buyers) etc. How to avoid highly competitive keywords: regionalizing, target a specific industry, niche markets etc.

Content optimization

You should have as much content as possible and this needs to be optimized as follow:
  • modify site structure (number of pages, name of the files / directories etc)
  • modify the HTML code to include the chosen key phrases, with an emphasis on certain HTML tags (title, link anchors, headings, image alt tags etc)
  • should have a common theme (related to the keywords) for the whole site, but should optimize each page for a single key phrase
  • avoid graphics-only pages
  • avoid "black hat" techniques (search engines spamming) – like hidden text etc.

Link Building campaign

Most of the search engines pay attention to the number and quality of the links to your site. Guidelines:
  • Get links from sites with the same theme as your website
  • Try to get one-way links instead of reciprocal linking
  • Try to avoid FFA / pages with large number of links, and avoid to have such pages on your site
  • Avoid graphics-only pages
  • Again, avoid "black hat" techniques

Pay-per-click search

Main reasons for using this strategy: the time needed to achieve high ranking using the organic SEO only. Bidding for your listings to appear on top for your search terms - evaluate the budget and decide whether you are willing to spend the money on visitors that are not already qualified buyers.

Advanced SEO

SEO Methodology
- brief overview -

SEO Importance Search Engines Market Research Measuring Results
Search engines only show 10 results on the first page, and most searchers tend to click on the top few results. If you are on the second or third page you probably loose most of the search traffic that the top ranked site gets.
The most powerful aspect of search engine marketing is that once your site is ranked well within the search results, even if you are an individual or a small business you can compete with any large corporation.
Search engines are crawler-based, they build their index by using robots (spiders, web crawlers) which visit pages on the web, collect certain information and send it to an indexing program. Information is stored in a database, ready for queryies.
The ranking algorithm uses link analysis, topic sensitive ranking, keywords, anchor text etc. But most important thing to increase a site's search engine ranking is to provide quality content.
Check competition on your market: search the major search engines to see what types of websites are ranking for words which you consider to be important. If for instance there are large government institutions ranking for your most important keywords it may be difficult to rank better for those terms. But if the market is dominated by average websites which are not established brands then it might worth targeting those terms. How do you know if the SEO campaign was effective? Is your site generating more leads or more sales? Do you know what keywords are working and what are a waste of time to optimize for?
You should check the server logs and use one of the analytics programs to track traffic trends and find out what keywords are atracting more visistors and which of them lead to conversion.
Update the keywords based on the results they provide.

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